“A Bomber’s Moon” programme


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To accompany our Belfast Blitz Remembered evening on the 4th May 2016, the Glentoran Community Trust has written, produced and designed a full colour retro style, 40-page souvenir programme. The design, research and content has been painstakingly put together in a stylish publication which is a must for anyone with affinity to Glentoran and an appreciation of our history.

A Bomber’s Moon looks at the stories, the people, and the places, whilst re-visiting the bombing of east Belfast, and the re-building of the Oval.

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Priced at £5 to assist in funding the event itself “A Bomber’s Moon” is available to buy now. You can pick up a copy at our two remaining home games against Glenavon and Crusaders, at the event itself, by ordering online via email at
You can also order from the GCT directly by contacting Ronnie Hoy on 07725211668, or using the Paypal link below.
There is a £2.50 charge to cover postage, packing and Paypal fees.
This is a limited edition run with no re-print.
Thank you once again for your continued support.

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Belfast, Lisburn… and County Louth!

Question: What do Lisburn, Drogheda, Dundalk and Dublin have in common?


In the aftermath of both the Easter and May raids on Belfast in the Spring of 1941 the fire service in Northern Ireland was stretched beyond human belief. In an urgent plea for assistance as Belfast burned, the War Rooms at Stormont asked for urgent help by way of engines and crew from Southern Ireland. On both occasions fire crews sped from Dublin, Drogheda and Dundalk stations to come to the aid of the people of Belfast and their Northern counterparts.

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We’ve had quite a few enquiries about the artwork associated with the “Belfast Blitz Remembered” event. A few people have asked where they can get hold of the posters etc. So in response we have produced 50 A3 full colour high quality posters for sale.

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We’re doomed I tell you… doomed…!

Doomed2Dads Army 5Click on any pic to zoom…Dads Army 3Dads Army 1

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On the evening of the 4th May 1941 and in the early hours of the following morning, the lives of the people who make up the community which exists around the home of Glentoran Football Club, The Oval, the Harland and Wolff shipyard, and Short and Harland aircraft factory in the east of the city, were about to change forever.

BlitzCoverSmlAt around 21.45 hours on the 4th May, 204 German bombers carrying 96,000 incendiary devices and 200 tonnes of high explosives, left their bases in Northern France …  their destination …  Belfast.

The city had already suffered heavily during the Easter raids, and on the next perfect bomber’s moon the Luftwaffe would return in an attempt to obliterate the industrial infrastructure so vitally important to the war effort.

Heinkel and Junkers bombers poured death and destruction onto the city in a frenzied attack that lasted for hours. East Belfast felt the full brunt of the Blitz that evening, with almost every street touched by the deathly spectre of a war many believed could never reach these shores.

On Wednesday 4th May 2016, exactly 75 years to the very night the Oval and the city was bombed, the Glentoran Community Trust, in association with Spar and Glentoran Football Club, would like to invite you to join us at the Oval in an evening of dignified reflection and commemoration.

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A Unique Opportunity

The Trust have been working extremely hard for months now on a major project to be held down at the Oval in early May. We will be announcing the full details later this week, but SpitfireCutsuch is the scale of the event we are struggling to source all the funding needed to give the occasion the recognition it deserves, and put it over properly.

We still have a few irons in the fire, but time is fast approaching, and we are determined not to lessen the impact of the event due to a lack of funds.

One element of the event involves the display of a full size replica Spitfire in the Oval car park! The Spitfire belongs to the Ulster Aviation Society, and we have managed to talk them into very kindly letting us borrow it for the day!

SpitfireCut2As with all these things though there is a cost involved, including transport to and from the Aircrafts’ Hanger up at the Maze. We wouldn’t want to lose the Spitfire, so given the timescale, we have decided to offer a company or individual a very unique opportunity indeed to get practically involved.

For £500, we will put together a package, including private access and photo opportunities (inside the cockpit!), together with event advertising, and of course the individual/company will have the satisfaction of being associated with such an iconic aircraft and the whole event.

If anyone knows of a company or individual who may be interested, please let us know by return email (info@gctni.com), or by contacting someone on the GCT Board directly. We will then be happy to discuss the full programme of the event in detail, and come up with a package to suit all parties.

Many thanks once again for all your support.

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GCT Notice of AGM


In addition we are delighted to announce that Glentoran Manager Alan Kernaghan has agreed to attend for a short question & answer session, together with Glentoran Chairman Stephen Henderson, and of course both GCT representatives to the Glentoran Board, Richard McGuinness and John Moore.

A complete update on the financial position of the Trust will be provided on the evening, together with a detailed breakdown on future projects. There will be an opportunity to renew memberships, join the GCT, or make a donation to the Trust. If you are unable to attend you may also renew your membership online via the Paypal link at the Join/Renew tab above.

The AGM will also afford members an opportunity to raise all issues that you feel may be of consequence to the Trust.

Once again we would encourage all members to please make an effort to attend, this is your Trust, please come along and have your say.

(Anyone wishing to join the Trust is welcome to do so on the night by paying the appropriate fee)

Please accept our apologies for the shorter than usual notice, but with a very complete calendar, and a major new GCT event in early May (details in due course), we really were limited in the search for a suitable date.

Thank you all once again for your continued support.
Kind regards – GCT Board

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Ricky Warwick Gig – Billy ‘Tank’ McCullough Shirt Auction

Tank1Tank2This time last year Glentoran Community Trust member and Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders front man Ricky Warwick played a sold out homecoming solo acoustic show at The Elk Inn, Dundonald. In the words of the man himself…. Ooops he’s done it again. Wednesday 23rd of December 2015 sees Ricky back in The Elk for another night of blistering acoustic rock. Last time out the Trust commissioned a special “one off” Glentoran shirt for him to wear during the gig. This unique item raised a phenomenal amount of money…..such was the demand that we’ve done it again too. This time we’ve gone retro, replicating not one but two classic jerseys as worn by one of Glentoran’s iconic legends Billy “Tank” McCullough.

Tank3Tank4“Tank McCullough Saturdays” is a song written by Ricky and his great friend and Trust board member Sam Robinson. It appears on Rickys shortly to be released new album ‘When Patsy Cline was Crazy (and Guy Mitchell sang the Blues)’. Up for grabs on the run up to the gig are replicas of Billy’s 1967 Glentoran v Benfica shirt and also Billy’s Detroit Cougar shirt complete with his name and squad number. The two shirts even have the song lyrics worked into both designs. Both shirts will be worn by Ricky on the night. If you’d like to win one of these shirts, the very shirts off his back then here’s your chance.

Tank6We are going to auction the white shirt online between now and the evening of the gig. The bidding will close at 5pm on the evening of the event. The auction for the black Tank McCullough shirt will take place in the Elk at the end of the gig.

Tank5To bid on the white shirt simply email our commercial department here at  ronniehoy1965@gmail.com  with your name, a contact number and your bid. We will keep each bidder appraised of the highest bid and update our facebook site and twitter feed also with the current high bid.

Proceeds from last years show allowed us to help the parent club with payment of Glentoran player wages

We would like to thank everyone for purchasing tickets for the event, and in closing the membership of the Trust would like to thank Ricky Warwick for putting on this show in the middle of Christmas down time, with his family who have flown in from the States and Germany, and will be joining us on the night and at the Oval on Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

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Ricky Warwick Sold Out!

The GCT’s Ricky Warwick gig at The Elk Dundonald on Weds 23rd Dec has now sold out

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IFA/Gary Hamilton

I’m sure that you are all well aware of the ongoing debate regards Glenavon player-manager Gary Hamilton, and his eligibility or otherwise when he turned out for the Lurgan club in a match at the Oval on 8th November 2014.


Briefly, the Glens had contested that Gary, who played a major part in Glenavon’s 4-2 win that day, should in fact not have been playing, as he should have been serving a one match ban.


An appeal was subsequently submitted to the IFA in an effort to have the result declared null and void, and as IFA rules clearly state, Glentoran FC then be awarded the points and a 3-0 win.


On 9th December the IFA Appeals Committee agreed with the Glens and confirmed that Gary should not have played in the game, as he should indeed have been serving a ban, but then bizarrely went on to disregard their own rules and decree that the result would still stand!


A further appeal against that decision was made to the Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL), who then met on 17th December only to decide that they “could not overrule the original IFA verdict.”


The club are quite rightly shocked and angered at this ridiculous decision and situation, and we as supporters are left totally exasperated as to what appears a total lack of application and accountability within the ruling powers of the local game.


The only avenue left open to the club at this stage is to submit the matter to Sports Arbitration UK, who will now listen to representation from both Glentoran and the IFA before hopefully reaching the right conclusion. But unfortunately this service does not come for free.


A down payment of £300 has already been submitted to lodge the appeal, but crucially, should the Glens then lose the decision, they must foot the final bill – likely to be upwards of £6,000. Given the financial plight of the club, that must have been a major factor in deciding to take the matter further.


However, Glentoran Community Trust are delighted that the club have decided to proceed, failure to pursue this due to financial constraints, would not only have raised major doubts as to the credibility of Glentoran Football Club, but also served as a total capitulation in the face of inconceivable arrogance and injustice.


Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and stand up for what is right, the club may have gone through some very difficult times of late, but we are still Glentoran, a club with a rich history, and considerable integrity and pride. Affordability concerns should not come into this, nor should it distract our board from more important matters at this crucial stage of the season.


To that end, Glentoran Community Trust have yesterday submitted a cheque for the sum of £300 to cover initial appeal costs, and have undertaken to foot the entire £6,000 bill should Glentoran FC lose the Arbitrators decision.


Le Jeu Avant Tout


GCT Board

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